Creating Usability

With the use of GUIs, ASP software, and sophisticated websites, there is increased need for more usable, "user friendly," easy to learn, cognitively straight-forward, and consistent systems. Whether deemed an art or a science, this is our specialty... because somebody needs to look after user experience.

Producing successful software products requires quality information about users, audiences, customers and other relevant consuming publics. The same is true in the development of services, websites, smart devices, and all sorts of corporate productions. Is the information you have about users and their cognitive and affective viewpoints pertinent, accurate, and insightful enough for development decision making? Is it trustworthy and up-to-date? Do you rely on conventional surveys, garden-variety Focus Groups, and usability labs or are you interested in employing the methods which yield the best information?

If you introduce good usability design EARLY ENOUGH in the development cycle, all the rest is very easy.

We can help you by
We look at...

Behavioral research techniques are deceptively easy to use. But to use them properly, sophistication, technique, and experience are required.

We use...

Behavioural Team's human research expertise has been used for a wide variety of projects - over 350 so far - and we bring our experience to each unique project.



Because of our specialized in-house data analysis capabilities, we are sometimes asked to process, analyze, or re-interpret data collected by others. We do this quickly, efficiently, and objectively and can communicate the information with plain words and clear charts.


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