When an “Expert Witness” is needed

Funny thing, the least credible witness in court is the person who does little else but pose as an Expert Witness. That's not us.

A general-purpose “expert” is no expert at all. Law researchers have shown that the witness with the most impact on judges and juries is a respected and credible specialist in the relevant subject-matter, particularly someone who has held elected offices in professional bodies and government committees (ahem, ahem).

It is true that Dr. Ben Barkow has served as an expert in three-dozen cases or so ranging from slips and falls to the aftermath of the World Trade Center disaster. But each instance has been based on subject-matter expertise and relevant professional distinctions. That is why Dr. Barkow has never been denied status as an Expert Witness in the U.S. or Canada. Granted, Ben also has a certain unflappable savoir-faire as a witness and writes coherent, well-structured prose, may we modestly add.

We have strengths in the following fields:

U.S. and Canada
Dr. Barkow is a citizen (and depending on the weather, resident) of both the U.S. and Canada and he has served as an expert in both countries.
Want to know more?
Have you ever considered getting a bit of advice about a case from an applied psychologist, human factors specialist, or ergonomist? Or just curious to learn more? Use this link to contact Ben: dr.ben@bteam.com


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