Engineering Psychology in Systems

Engineering Psychology is an increasingly recognized requirement for user-friendly, safe, efficient, and effective systems... including our work in outer space for the Canadian Space Agency. These can be machinery and control rooms, consumer products, software, websites, and smart systems of every sort. Few organizations, however, think it makes sense to have the necessary expertise available in-house. Increasingly, communicating (or "interfacing") with employees or users is being handled less as "art" and more as "Human Factors" and ergonomics analysis.

Behavioural Team staff play a number of roles in systems development including:

Questions about users arise in all phases of the design- and life-cycle of systems. Behavioural Team provides a variety of services geared to the differing requirements of the design cycle including:

Behavioural Team has many resources to support this work:

But most of all, we have the experience to do the job right the first time around.

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